Attorney Fee Deferral Plan

The Attorney Plan allows an attorney to defer receipt of their fees until such time as they are required, while investing the fees through a market rate portfolio determined by the attorney's own investment objectives or through a fixed annuity investment program. 

As the fees are invested on a pre-tax basis and the investments can grow tax deferred, there is a much larger capital base than if the fees were received by the attorney, taxed and then invested.  The net result is the potential for a higher after-tax sum to be received by the attorney.

Havelet satisfies IRS s72u therefore our clients may receive distributions before age 59 1/2 without penalty.  Our clients are able to customize deferral and payment terms, receive lump sum payments, select beneficiaries and will receive a monthly investment statement or on line, view only access.    There is no upside limit on the size of the deferral.

Assets invested in Havelet's fixed annuity product are held in the US with Winchester Trust as Fiduciary and Fidelity Investments as custodian.  Assets invested in Havelet's market rate investment product can be held with most of the large, reputable invesment organizations.

The Attorney Plan is suitable for personal injury as well as non-personal injury cases.

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