Havelet works with major investment firms to provide discretionary asset management services to our clients.  Additionally, these organizations provide independent custodial services while overseeing the safekeeping of these assets.  Our proprietary partners include:

FGL Holdings

FGL Holdings is a NYSE traded company (FG) that offers fixed index annuities and life insurance products.  They partner with an established network of marketing organizations, including Havelet Assignment Company and Castle Re Insurance Company to distribute these products.  The family of companies includes:

  • Fidelity & Guarantee Life Insurance Company of Des Moines, Iowa
  • Fidelity & Guarantee Life Insurance Company of New York
  • F&G Re, Limited, a Bermuda based reinsurer.

The Blackstone Group

The Blackstone Group is a NYSE traded company (BX) one of the world's leading investment firms.  Blackstone provides superior asset management and strategic oversight on high quality investment grade asset management for the Havelet Fixed product. 

  • $370 billion of assets under management
  • A+ rated by Fitch and S&P

Lombard International

Lombard International is exclusively focused on the private placement insurance marketplace in the United States and Internationally serving both High Net Worth Individual and Institutional clients.  

  • part of the Blackstone Group NYSE (BX) A+ rated by S&P and Fitch
  • Assets under administration: $75 billion
  • Over 500 employees including technical experts in wealth structuring, tax law and unquoted assets
  • Main offices in Philadelphia and Luxembourg

Castle Re Insurance Company

Castle Re is a custom manufacturer of life and annuity insurance contracts.  Castle Re does not sell life or annuity policies, but instead, works with professional advisors and clients such as Havelet to custom design, draft and implement tax compliant life and annuity contracts.  The annuity used by Havelet was purpose designed. 

Comerica Bank and Trust Company

Provides Corporate Trustee services including fiduciary oversight, safekeeping of assets, and fund accounting for Havelet Fixed accounts.

Fidelity Investments

Provides independent custodial services, safekeeping of assets and fund accounting for Havelet fixed accounts. 

The St James Group

The St James Group was founded in 2001 and provides Havelet with international expertice and management in a broad range of business and geographic areas.  They have a particular focus and expertise in structuring, funding and managing complex insurance arrangements and were previously partnered with Prudential of America in their structured settlement business.


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