Claimant Settlement Obligation Plan

The Claimant Plan allows a claimant to defer receipt of their qualified or non-qualified settlement obligation on a pre-tax basis while investing through portfolios selected by the claimant in accordance with their own financial needs and investment objectives.  They may choose between a fixed annuity or market rate investment offering.  

As the settlement obligation is invested on a pre-tax basis and grows on a tax-deferred basis, there is a much larger capital base than if the settlement were received by the claimant, taxed and then invested.  The net result is the potential for a higher after-tax sum to be received by the claimant.

Unlike domestic non-qualified assignment companies, Havelet is not subject to withholding tax on dividends.  Barbados-US Treaty Benefits, specifically Article 22(2) and IRS section 72(u) are substantial and can mean a tax savings up to and including 30% .  

Claimants are able to customize deferral and payment terms, receive lump sum distributions, select beneficiaries and will receive a monthly investment statement.  There is no upside limit on the size of the settlement obligation.

Assets invested in Havelet's fixed annuity product are held with Winchester Trust as Trustee and Fidelity Investments as independent custodian.  Claimants who qualify for the variable investment strategy can utilize world class investment firms to manage the investments and custody the assets.  

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