Client Safeguards and Competitive Advantages

  • Unlike other assignment companies, Havelet provides an attorney fee deferral product that mitigates all US Tax consequences to the attorney (or claimant).  This is accomplished through the use of a private placement annuity contract, which in turn addresses s10.2 of the relevant tax treaties.  The result is that no US tax is due on the assignment or on the growth of the portfolio.  Other providers do not address this important and rarely addressed tax cost bourne by the client.
  • Havelet has acquired legal, tax and securities advice from an independent party, Withers Bergman.  The scope of Havelet's opinion is broad and covers the US tax consequences to the attorney (or claimant) as well as to the assignment company.  A copy of this opinion is available to our prospective clients.
  • Havelet has acquired legal and tax advice from an independent party, Withers Bergman, regarding the tax consequences associated with the use of a qualified settlement fund.  We are able to work with QSF's.
  • Havelet employs an investor control policy in accordance with The Tax Court's adopted safe harbors regulations as articulated in Rev Ruling 2003-91, 2003-2 C.B.237 to protect the attorney (or claimant) against constructive receipt.
  • All assets assigned to Havelet's variable investment strategies are held in the US, in segregated client accounts with well known and highly respected investment firms as custodian.
  • All assets assigned to Havelet's fixed, reinsured product are held in the US, in segregated client trust accounts with Winchester Trust as Trustee and Fidelity Investments as custodian.
  • Havelet's flow of funds procedure is carefully designed to avoid constructive receipt and does not employ risky shortcuts which can undermine the tax benefits of the deferral strategy.
  • Havelet's partners are top tier, industry leading organizations.  Collectively, several trillion dollars of assets are under their supervision.
  • Havelet's clients have no risk of contamination from the business activities of associated Havelet companies.  Havelet provides only attorney and claimant deferral strategies and does not offer aggressive lending schemes which can dramatically increase the risks associated with the underlying tax strategy.
  • Advanced estate and asset protection strategies are available in conjunction with a Havelet deferral.
  • Havelet clients can customize deferral and payment terms.  We offer lump sum distributions as well as non-regular distributions.
  • Havelet has no capacity constraints and no cap on large accounts.
  • Unlike domestic non-qualified assignment companies, Havelet can benefit from reduced withholding tax on dividends.  Barbados-US Treaty benefits, specifically Article 22(2) and IRS section 72(u) are substantial and can mean a tax savings up to and including 30%.

Financial services businesses such as Havelet are licensed according to their activities. Havelet is not licensed to provide legal and tax advice to our clients but will liaise with our client's advisors in this regard.

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