Havelet Assignment Company

Havelet is an independently owned assignment company that provides periodic payment solutions to attorneys who wish to arrange the receipt of their contingency fees, personal injury or otherwise, in a tax-efficient manner.

Havelet also provides solutions to claimants who wish to arrange their qualified and non-qualified settlements in a tax-efficient manner.  

Independent from any insurance company,  Havelet has no conflicts of interest and is able to offer flexible and competitive structures utilizing a number of world class legal, tax, investment management and fiduciary counterparties. 

We offer flexible solutions and allow a variety of deferral and payment options to our clients.  Assignments through Havelet have more flexibility than those offered through domestic non-qualified assignment companies which are subject to IRS section 72(u).  This may be especially helpful for attorneys and claimants involved in taxable damage cases.  There is no upside limit on settlement values and no requirement to take a distribution within the first year of deferral.

Havelet is not licensed to provide independent legal and tax advice however we have engaged outside counsel to opine on our strategies from both Havelet's and our client's perspective.

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