Solutions for a 
Secure Tomorrow

We specialize in providing strategic solutions for those navigating the financial implications of legal settlements and high-value sales.

Partner With Us to Transform Your Settlement into a Powerful Tool for Your Future.

We are dedicated to empowering our clients’ futures through structured settlements, attorney fee deferral plans, and structured installment sales. Our mission is to provide comprehensive financial solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of attorneys, claimants, and sellers alike.

Our Strategies

We’ve developed a suite of strategic solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our diverse clientele. From attorneys looking to defer fees for tax advantages to claimants seeking structured settlement plans for long-term security, and sellers aiming for tax-efficient installment sales, our specialized plans are designed to maximize your financial outcomes.

Attorney Fee Deferral Plan

Designed for legal professionals seeking to optimize their financial planning and tax management. By deferring fees, attorneys can spread their income over several years, aligning their cash flow with personal and professional goals.

Settlement Claimant Plan

Focused on individual awarded settlements. Unlike lump-sum payments, structured settlements offer a series of tax-free payments, ensuring financial stability over time.

Structured Installment Sales

For those looking to sell property or businesses, Structured Installment Sales offer a strategic alternative to traditional lump-sum sales. This approach provides a steady stream of income over time, potentially reducing tax burdens and allowing for investment growth. Special considerations available for agricultural related transactions.

The Havelet Team

Established backgrounds in insurance, legal, and asset management relating to structured settlements.